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4Uj  Ltd. (4 unique jewelry) - jewelry company established for satisfy the most demanding tastes beautiful half of humanity.

In the name of our company concluded the basic meaning and motive of the organization.

First of all, we create only four kinds of jewelry using unique technologies, materials, rare stones and pearls.

A distinctive feature of our company is to use only:

  1. 18K white gold
  2. High quality pearls, precious and semi-precious gems.

Using 18K white gold allows us to create products of exceptional beauty and color saturation. Only white gold emphasizes the beauty of natural stones and allows us to transfer all the beauty of their colors.

Secondly, the use of pearls and precious stones of the highest quality - is the key to the popularity of our products. Direct deliveries from manufacturers from around the world, strict quality control, current trends and creative color combinations make our products truly unique in the jewelry market.

Much truly unique product well-known  jewelers experiencing century and remain in the memory of generations. The creation of such products is precisely the aim of our masters.

Many celebrities all over the world pay attention to our products.


Only four kinds of jewelry:

  1. Earrings
  2. Pendants
  3. Bracelets
  4. Necklaces

Carefully selected products create unique jewelry sets.       

Our product catalog you can find HERE: